Extruder microstepping

com Electronics products, kits and services for hobbiest. You can come back here after. Thus, by rotating the stepper shaft one revolution, there will be 33. Hi guys, This is my HOW TO video explaining how to adjust the current for the stepper motors. 0 Stepper Motor Driver Microstepping suite MKS . The E3D Titan bracket sold in our store is 2mm thick, I have 667 on a Wades-ish unit, using 3mm filament. 05 Amp increments. 5mm drill bit from the top hole and use it as auger/mixer for the filament. Here is a standalone stepping motor driver that is rated at 2. Set it to 100 or 200 mm's and turn the speed down to say 30 then click extrude. It will work for the stock stepper motors and MKS boards that use the A4982 driver. Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and 13. 6:1 ratio stepper motor (Bukobot): 630/mm at 1/8 microstepping Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and direct-drive stepper motor (Bukito): 185. When there is a Bowden tube between the extruder drive and the hot end, you also need sufficient acceleration Nimble Extruder. For . Josef Průša. Output shaft is 8mm. This design is a 40-pin boosterpack which incorporates all of the necessary components for 3D printer operation. These belts and pulleys come in many shapes and sizes, but one standard we have grown accustomed to is the GT2 standard. you can refer to this link. Enter the hardware settings (microstepping is 1/16) and there you have your settings. An extruder drive should have sufficient torque to push the filament through the nozzle at the printing speed you want to use, and sufficient resolution so that individual extruder microsteps are not visible in the print. This extruder upgrade are for Prusa MK2 or Prusa MK2. Then make sure you adjust the firmware accordingly. The stepper motors used in Anet A8-B (as bought in May 2016) are NEMA 17 SL42STH40-1684A produced by Guangzhou Shenglong Motor Co. 75mm filament. 5 to 7. Configuring MKS Sbase V1. Extruder Body. There us a downside though. 4A, peak current 2A, voltage range  By default the current settings in the Quad printer firmware is set up with 16X microstepping for the extruder motors. 8 Amps peak phase current  Bowden extruder direct drive MK8 for 1. It is the effect of low resolution extrusion, there is just enough pause between steps to create a variation in pressure in the extruder . Next up is the configuration of microstepping mode using M350. Anything you can do to increase the steps/mm will smooth it out, such as 1/32 microstepping or a geared extruder. Each line may only contain one G-code (or Mcode) with included variables. Setting And Editing Your Start Gcode G-code (and M-code) is a set of instructions sent to your motherboard which controls the actions of your printer. Part of the RepRap project, it is the most used 3D printer in the world. Solution is to drop: M350 X64 Y64 I0 . 8mm. The Mega 2560 uses an 8 bit Atmega processor that can be insufficient for machines requiring additional power like those using dual extrusion or a delta configuration. A stepper motor’s microstep mode is usually set with small jumper switches that are either fitted or removed to turn them on or off. What stepper drivers are you using? Once you know that, you can look up the jumper settings. I wonder if it'd be a worthwhile experiment to switch the extruder motor to 1/8 microstepping and see if that also varies with tension. According to the calculator for my extruder the shortest print move would be slightly over 0. 28 This is really a starting point. 5 is tested and recommended, 1. This post is about extruder micro-stepping when using a mixing hot end. One reasonably careful measurement trumps a kilo-opinion, so here’s a chart (clicky for bigger) of measurements to mull over: Microstepping is a way of increasing the number of steps by sending a sine/cosine waveform to the coils inside the stepper motor. Repeat for each X Y Z axis. The drive gear dimensions for the extruder should be changed to match those of the drive gear which you are using. The L-option (low current) is selectable from 0. Lightly tighten the all M4 screws. 5 mm of filament extruded. 5. 20 Apr 2019 Cetus mainbord stepper drivers are set to 400mA and 32 microstep… Thanks - do you know if that is the same for the extruder stepper ? 17 Jan 2017 Your case is speed limit by firmware, the first way to increase your extruding speed is to go 1/8 microstepping. ABS warping and extrusion issues. High speed uSD card and support for a second external SD card if required. 5 where you do not have the Bondtech Drivegears. A command like G1 F1000 sets the feedrate for all subsequent moves. When a stepper motor is accelerating, it has to produce torque to overcome its own rotor inertia and the mass of the load it is driving. Please feel free to check it out and help us create vibrant community. Microstepping settings are per stepper driver, jumper settings for X do not affect Y. Make sure the extruder is some centimeter above your bed and start a slow extruder until you see filament extruding. 17HS1070-C5X. This kit contains the necessary parts to convert to our newly designed extruder with 3:1 gearing ratio for better precision and resolution together with optimized geometry for the heatsink cooling and many other cool features. The driver will also accept a range of 8. For various reasons I want to switch to 1/16 microstepping now. Extruder calibration. Set all mix factors for the mixing extruder. 9 degree motors use the "8" version. 4, are available. 5A per coil, with adjustable current and up to 32x microstepping. The motor I am testing is connected to E0 i. This ensures that the pinion gear clears the face of the motor. Next up is motor current - have you measured vRef across the DRV8825? This is done with a multimeter. Keep your finger close to the stop button. You really want to keep the steps/mm for your extruder up around 400 mm/s for optimal results. x controller have gotten so much attention, and really hope it's going to help people get started or decide not to. Are you microstepping at 1/32? Of course it depends on your gear ratios, but standard is 1/16. I was always pretty sure the off-time would be wrong for the motors we use and while commissioning my second Mendel90 I could hear that it was wrong, so I decided to look into it. All 1/32 microstepping variants for geared extruders have been removed. The result will be a 0. A 0. e it's the extruder motor and it's microstep value in Marlin is set at 300. Generally speaking, Steps per Unit means the number of steps it takes to travel, well, one 'unit', which is normally one millimeter - in the case of the extruder this is the number of steps it takes to push one millimeter of filament through the print nozzle. The MD2S is a universal programmable microstepping (stepper) motor driver capable of driving size 17 to 42 stepper motors. With 1/16 step instead of 1/2 step controller on the extruder, do we still need gears on the extruder? I think that microstepping solves the  I've noticed a pattern on my prints for some time and now I've managed to track down its source: the extruder stepper is not really good at  8 Jun 2018 I then expanded this spread sheet to include other micro stepping values and to calculate the overall under/over extrusion amounts. The Bondtech BMG-X2 extruder combines high performance and resolution with low weight and a compact building envelope. 25" = 3. Not familiar with the i3, but I assume 1/16 microstepping should work well. I also hit the extruder bottom, but since my hotend are cool I recieed this error: We’ll let this be for now, and return to it once we have configured our hotend heater. In most cases, micro stepping allows stepper motors to run smoother and more accurately. We are going to supply a drive gear for 8mm shaft this May. A Switching Extruder is a dual extruder that uses a single stepper motor to drive two filaments, but only one at a time. This means stall warnings were actual stalls and not just the setting being too sensitive. Re: How to change E microstepping to 1/8 from default 1/16th. So you program marlin according to 1/16 micro stepping(just like you would . Introduction Some time ago I posted my thoughts on why I believed that 16x micro-stepping was not a good setting to use with a mixing hot end. However, the bowden extruder can be used for other 3d printers making use of it’s simple bracket, and the extruder has been popular with the Rostock delta 3d printer. 5mm hole above it. Q&A for 3D printing enthusiasts. So i’ve always wanted a CNC mill, arguably my interest in automated manufacturing ingeneral was what got me into 3D printing in the first place, since 3D printing is sortathe Don't attempt to update the firmware if you can't be without the printer for at least a week in case something goes wrong. In order to produce this torque, the rotor angle must lag the ideal angle. The steps per inch is dependent on the microstepping: Steps/Inch for the x and y Steps = 200 motor steps per revolution x 16 microsteps = 3200 steps Inches = sprocket number of teeth x pitch of the sprocket = 14 x . 5S This kit contains the necessary parts to convert your current extruder to our own popular design based upon our BMG (Bondtech Mini Geared) extruder with 3:1 gearing ratio for better precision and resolution together with optimized geometry for the heatsink cooling and professional SLS 3D printed housing. In many of our machines we have used belts and pulleys to actuate them. Super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers, up to 256 microstepping. Stepper drivers capable of driving up to 2. Another reason is some pins near extruder motor are shorted out. Extruder test and calibration. Plug in the extra driver for the extruder with its jumpers under it, and the extruder stepper. : ProlougeI'm really pleased to see how this basic intro into Smoothieware and the MKS Sbase 1. insert a 0. I currently have 16x microstepping set up on a RAMPS A4988 setup with a standard(ish) NEMA17 stepper on a Chinese Kossel Mini (too much information yet?). When installing a Titan, be it with and Aero hotend or otherwise a spacer is always required between the motor and the extruder body: The spacer must be at least 2mm thick. Marlin treats G0 (rapid linear movement) as an alias to G1 (rapid movement). Moreover this issue is visually very self descriptive and this kind of problem is caused by exactly that, and strangely enough it is caused by XY256 microstepping and not extruder microstepping. This extruder upgrade kit is for the Prusa MK2. You have very low extruder steps/mm @ x16 microstepping, and there was a bug fix for low extruder steps/mm at 2. For 1. Position the printer axis at the center of each axis. If the printer moves in the other direction, you will have to reverse the axis direction. Old extruder steps/mm steps/mm (50 is same as in the linked article) Marked length on filament mm (30 is same as in the linked article) Extruder steps/mm = ( extrude button clicks * extruded length per click * old extruder Learn about the way stepper motors work, what that means when using them and what i think is important when adjusting their drivers! Some music or no music i Go for Nema 17 0. 6. The extruder is now upgraded to Bondtech drive gear. Microstepping mode. Save the changes, click yes to reboot and check your new configuration. the stepper max current , the microstepping, acceleration, max speed, the option to invert a stepper (so  15 Mar 2016 My extruder stepper motor is acting very "jerky" or "jittery". From student makers to Engineers. I have similar motors and drivers, my E steps per mm is 420. The servo is used to switch the side of the extruder that will drive the filament. With only a . 0. It grips the filament from both sides, increasing the push force and making the printer more reliable, especially for flexible filaments. 9° Extruder Motor Mod My Wanhao i3 (Monoprice Maker Select V2) has the Flexion Extruder upgrade, but I still wanted more extruder torque (trouble pushing through 0. G0, G1 - Linear Move. 4, configure M42/M43 for manual control Enable Low Current Microstepping – With my setup, I ran into some  19 Sep 2017 This sets it in stealthchop2 at 1/16 microstepping with 1/256 interpolation and it is so unbelievably quiet. 5 peak amps per phase. 20 to 3. 8° Step Angle Accuracy: ±5% (full step, The B2X300 is a DIY 3D printer KIT with an emphasis on the assembly experience. 5mm and a maximum needed for 3mm filament is usually 1. High Power rating: Each stepper driver is capable of 2. The dual extrusion solution that I have chosen is one which uses a single hotend and only requires the addition of another extruder and a printed part to merge the outputs of the two filament extruders. With everything from interesting interviews, guides and forums. Extract both the firmware and the Arduino IDE. Dual extruders on the main board, up to 5 more extruders on the expansion board. thermal M190 - Wait for Bed Temperature . As your extruder has such a low steps/mm value, it's a good idea to use higher than x16 microstepping. The extruder have nothing to do with the step value for the Z-axis and cannot change that, is it possible that you changed the value in the configuration by mistake? What lead value does your z-rods have? If the motor for Z uses 16 bit microstepping 800 in Z-steps equals to 4 mm lead, 1600 equals to 2 mm lead. None of the findings would be applicable to non-mixing, single filament input hot ends. The only downside is, you have to raise and lower the coil current twice as fast. 3mm nozzle), so I changed the extruder motor to a longer 17HM15-0904S stepper motor. The bowden extruder was originally designed to fit the Sumpod 3d printer to replace the bulky MDF extruder housing that was awkward to use. 2. At the same time, you can click the arrows on the above panel to move the motors to check if they work well. You may find that your maximum extruder speed is restricted at x256 microstepping. The Prusa i3 was designed by Josef Průša in 2012 with the Prusa i3 MK2 being released in 2016 and the MK2S being released in 2017. For the extruder, I would recommend the manual calibration. Big shout out to two facebook groups Anet A series 3Dprinter Help and support group (including all i3 Clones) and HyperCube 3D Printer (and any other CoreXY Printers) Support and Community! Also you can use extruder that would just force shove filament so until nozzle is totally blocked it will extrude and retract - with 5:1 ratio 18Ncm motor will have effective force somewhere around 90Ncm (a little bit less from mechanism internal drag) - this is 150% force of biggest ungeared NEMA 17 motors combined with less weight (not important with bowden), and as meathead mentioned before u are getting better accuracy without microsteping. It depends on the current, but can only be made worse by lowering the current, increasing the current does not help. Product Introduction¶. Wanhao i3 0. Marlin configuration: #define MICROSTEPPING_RATIO 0. If the extruder motor can rotate, but hear click noise or the extruder motor move in a narrow range. Measure it and use the difference to calculate the new steps/mm to exactly have 50mm. Convenient location of all I/O headers and inclusion of firmware allows developers to immediately start creating their own cost-effective 3D printers. x is known to cause problems. You could lose smoothness. 02RC6. The E motor also reverses direction for the second filament. Without microstepping, it’s 200 steps per revolution. Weight reduction is 121 g, from 387 g as default setup compared to 266 g for this setup (Extruder, steppermotor) This project is licenced under GPL V3 and the STEP-files are available here. 05 to 1. Also, given that the steppers we're using already have the power to simply shred the filament with the hobbed gear, there's no need to go to any more shove. However, on their documentation for the  Z Steps for M6 threaded rods: 6400/mm at 1/32 microstepping. Calculating Steps/mm Using Belts and Pulleys. Arduino, PCB Assembly, CNC milling, 3D printing, Lasers. . 9 degree motor using 1/16th microstepping with a 5mm pitch  where the extruder steps/mm is specified at 16x microstepping, and the motor holding torque is specified in Ncm with both phases energised at the rated current. Disconnect any other software using the printer (Pronterface, Simplify3d - Machine Control Panel, etc). Printrboard and Pololu = 1/16, Gen6 = 1/8, etc. Posted July 31, 2013 · Default microstepping settings and direct extruder Well, based on the diameters of the drive parts, and the gearing used, you should be able to arrive at a theoretical value. Buy Stepstick A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier online in India from DIY-India. 0 mixing MIXING_EXTRUDER GRADIENT_MIX M166 - Gradient Mix . It is the result of a collaborative project at Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to build a 3D printer that prints using chocolate. TMC2208 is an ultra-quiet two-phase stepper motor drive chip, continuous drive current 1. 4mm extruder tip with 0. What this is about:This Instructables i Extruder direction. You have to find the correct setting for the extruder you use) In the next code line, you find “default steps per unit for OrdBot 1/32”. Thus microstepping is a dangerous double-edged sword that should be handled with great care. Send a command to move the X axis a little amount like +1 or +10 mm. One reasonably careful measurement trumps a kilo-opinion, so here’s a chart (clicky for bigger) of measurements to mull over: Microstepping reduces motor noise and allows more accurate positioning of the extruder. BIGTREETECH ST820 V1. Set a Gradient Mix. 9º stepper for the x, y and extruder the z axis it doesn't matter (assuming an I3 axis design). The problem is that despite trying two different extruders and extruder gears, the Bowden extruder still skips during infills and other high-speed portions of prints. 4 May 2018 I've made a paste extruder(plunger type), in which a plunger will push . Now take a marker and caliper and make a mark on the filament 14cm above the extruder. (extruder toggle) You will need to experiment with this number depending on what extruder hot-end and gearing setup you have. Yes, the easy way is to just divide the steps/mm for the extruder by 2 in the EEPROM. Parts List; Assembling the Nimble; Tuning the Firmware. If you are Adding an extruder you need more power. 8 degree stepper at 1/16 stepping, in terms of motion precision. I'm using a RUMBA at 1/32 microstepping on 8825's  Especially since I run a geared Extruder and have a very efficient Nema 17 motor that high resolution, but the noise should be lower, higher microstep-setting. h are used to calculate the steps/mm so you can just bypass that and set it directly. Open the Arduino IDE, and go to the Tools menu. . Read about 'Episode 285: Super Glue Gun 02: Extruder Motor' on element14. The E3D Titan bracket sold in our store is 2mm thick, Stepper Motor. @wilriker said in [Guide] How To Select Extruder Microstep Setting: Ok, my first print with 256x microstepping has massive under-extrusion. GT2 belts and pulleys come in (at least) three different sizes: 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm pitch. Stepper Motor Drivers. PDF More than 50pcs nema17 34mm geared stepper motors are in stock for quick response. 6:1 ratio stepper motor (Bukobot): 630/mm at 1/8  27 Sep 2015 Extruder Fan PWM – Pin 2. Jump to C-Bot blog index to see all the posts. 5 Amp increments. By convention, most G-code generators use G0 for non-extrusion movements (those without the E axis) and G1 for moves that include extrusion. Firmware Installation. Duet WiFi – Adding a second extruder As some might know, I’ve been working on a version 4 of my Belted Extruder and am now ready to put it to use on my primary printer, which has been using a single extruder so far. element14's The Ben Heck Show Join the Ben Heck team every week for amazing hacks! Watch them build and mod community-inspired projects using electronics! This post could also be called: How the C-Bot experienced catastrophic failure, and survived. As a result, steps per unit setting for extruder is 6 (no microstepping), 12 (1/2 microstepping), and 96 (1/16  HPX2Max: Dual extrusion with the HPX2Max extruder. This is the settings when 1/32 micro stepping are used. The blue and black is the hot end thermistor. With a high-voltage PSU and low-inductance motor, that's unlikely to be a problem. Peak motor currents are selectable from 0. 26 Jul 2017 Since you are using 16x microstepping, this is multiplied to 200 x 16 on your filament at 150mm from the extruder, and then (after extruding  Without microstepping, it's 200 steps per revolution. But they' re not telling how they arrived at it or what't micro stepping  10 Sep 2017 My V4 Belted Extruder Design is running in reverse, so we set it to S1 I'm using 1/32 microstepping for both extruders, so just adding :32 to  8 microstepping resolutions from 2 to 256 microsteps per step; -H option: 0. KStep 4-Axis Microstepper Amplifier for KFLOP. Together with our proven and highly celebrated Dual-Drive technology you can expect problem free material feeding. What really matters in terms of extrusion precision is steps per mm 3, so this depends on your filament diameter. Overview ¶. Extruder microstepping I've noticed a pattern on my prints for some time and now I've managed to track down its source: the extruder stepper is not really good at microstepping. 3mm (X-Y distance). The micro steps settings you see in Configuration. Hope we can deburr the internals of the diamond after all the drilling 3. As a result, steps per unit setting for extruder is 6 (no microstepping), 12 (1/2 microstepping), and 96 (1/16 microstepping). Here all values have been multiplied with two. Z 20t. The Wall-E should shift into its natural position, if not already all there. Our 3D printer setting X 32t. 0 Amps peak phase current; -L option: 0. 8A motor current, currently limited in software to 2. Re: Extruder pulse moire at 1/32 microstepping causing diagonal lines? You can just do it in the manual screen of RH. 0 Amps per winding in 0. 5 or the Prusa MK3 where you already have our Bondtech gears. This is a stepper-driven paste extruder for delta-type printers, specifically the Rostock Mini. , Ltd. Ok, my first print with 256x microstepping has massive under-extrusion. BONDTECH EXTRUDER. Blue and white is the print fan, controlled by your GCode, polarity sensitive, D9. Bondtech Extruder For Prusa i3 MK3S & MK2. 3200 (micro steps) will rotate the motor once, so figure out roughly how far one rotation will drive the filament, in mm, and divide that into 3200 to get the steps-per-e value. Machines Vises CNC Kits HIWIN Carriages Square Rail Stepper Motor Plus Extrusion Stepper Motor Microstepping Driver Breakout Board and PSU's Rack & Pinion Ballscrew Linear Module Ballnut Ballscrew Support Planetary Gearbox Spindle Milling Cutters Machine Taps Coupling Linear Rail Linear Bearings T5 Pulleys Pulleys Pre-drilled with Grubscrew Geared Nema17 Stepper Motor Order No. - Normally you need some level of reversal so a minimum would be around 0. The Mega 2560 and RAMPS combination is a barebone solution that requires you to purchase additional stepper drivers that attach to the board. 1mm is a very good starting point. Y 20t. The Prusa i3 is an open-source fused deposition modeling 3D printer. 2 IanJohnson 2013-08-08 19:55:49. The perimeter of the center gear is about 33. If you select the right amount of steps you can optimise them better for the price and more importantly Nema 17 are more accurate than Nema23 (there is a wiki page in the reprap website explaining this) Holding torque ¶. Version 1. I have tried the other motors on the other (x,y and z) outputs with the same result and another motor on E0 with the same result so I don't think it's the motors. It comes with a lot of cool features like Dual Extrusion, Print volume 300x200x300, Silent Trinamic Stepper Drivers (TMC2130) with 256 microstepping, Power Loss Detection and Recovery and Filament End detection Look for a shift in the Wall-E position, when loosening. This kit contains the necessary parts to convert to our freshly designed extruder that uses 3:1 gearing ratio for improved precision and resolution, optimized geometry for the heat-sink cooling and many other im Buy the Bondtech Prusa i3 MK3S extruder upgrade in Canada for 3D printers at low prices online. We created new PrusaPrinters website for all Prusa and RepRap fans. Extruder motor = 107 steps/mm (this is the setting for Bulldog Lite Extruder. x 32-bit Controller Basics and Intro to Smoothieware. The other products like StepStick DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, Limit Switch, Limit Switch with Roller, CNC Sheild, RAMPS 1. Many step motor users are faced with a question of whether or not to use microstepping in their stepper motor  I get what appear to be very regular extruder pulses causing diagonal lines in my prints. 5 mm. 4A. I don't really see the reason why the extruder is running with 1/16 instead of 1/8 steps, considering this step of the print process needs far more torque than precision, while the z-stepper could easily run Hi, I am new calculator. 5 = 914. Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. 3D Chimera Hotend Kit Dual Color 2 IN 2 OUT Extruder Multi-extrusion All metal. 0625 // Enter microstepping ratio of electronics. DirectVoltage. Stepper Dynamometer: Microstepping Mode vs. Measure the distance, the filament is sticking out of the extruder. In turn, the load will lag the position commanded by the firmware. Nimble documentation. Extruder - the steps per mm seem very high for a nema 17. In that regard, 667 steps/mm on 3mm filament is about equivalent to ~350 steps/mm on 1. 75mm filament, open view 17) generally have 200 steps per revolution and are used with 16 microstepping controllers. 8. Also, the print cooling fan now cools part from two sides, increasing the overhand performance. I was using 1/32 microstepping up to now and had a value of 160 for the x and y steps per mm (using 20 tooth GT2 pulleys, 2mm pitch, 1,8° motor). 12 Oct 2012 Being able to change the stepper motors, or your extruder for that matter, For a 0. The short version of what led up to this point is: Geared Nema17 Stepper Motor Order No. 8 degree steppers you should use the "16" variant, this provides 1/16 microstepping. You will then need to use the mach3 calibration function to get the perfect steps/inch value. Torque Conventional wisdom has it that stepper motor torque decreases as the number of microsteps per full step increases. In this case, please check whether the gap between idler wheel and gear are too large and the pressure is too small to drive the filament. Mindy Lin, Contributing Writer — Design News. 2/mm at 1/32 microstepping The second extruder used is the same as the one already used on the Athena printers and the file for it can be found here and the required SCAD libraries here. 6 Amps per winding in 0. com. 9 degree stepper at 1/8 stepping will definitely out-perform a 1. For MK3 it needs to be 830 as it uses 32 bit microstepping, use this file instead. Orange and white is the extruder heater, D10. 5 inches steps/inch = 3200 / 3. Often times the results with these dual extrusion setups have ooze from the nozzle not in use ending up on the printed part and other artifacts. Is there code I can put into my config to change microstepping for individual motors  TMC2208. KStep is a KFLOP expansion board designed specifically for plug-and-play stepper motor control. They also have 16× microstepping, which makes the range of component values that work even smaller. DRV8825 drivers give you a nice performance edge over the more common A4988 drivers with cooler operation, higher maximum current, and the ability to drive larger motors. It’s very common to use a stepper driver in 8- or 16-microstep mode. This post can also be prefixed “Building the C-Bot 3D printer part 34:” Billed as the first low cost desktop personal fabrication device that can operate a range of CNC manufacturing processes, the FABtotum crowd funding campaign has launched Description . 2 to 45 volts and can be microstepped up to 1/32 (the step modes are: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/6 and 1/32). These depend on various factors, including belt pitch, number of teeth on the pulley, thread pitch on leadscrews, micro-stepping settings, and extruder style. Set a somewhat reasonable setting (the 630 steps/mm) and try to extrude 50mm. Credits: Special You can come back here after. The extruder should be set to 195° and the bed should be set to 95°. Configuring microstepping; Current for the stepper; Acceleration value; Jerk value; Retraction speed; Tuning it all; Troubleshooting; Calibrating the Nimble; Using the Nimble; Sidewinder documentation; Printer specific instructions; Nimble Adapters; Maintenance of your Nimble; Kryo Heatsink Being able to change the stepper motors, or your extruder for that matter, requires that you configure something called the Steps per Unit of that specific axis. The effect of this is the moire pattern you tend to see in all Solidoodle prints. Extruder - I think you'd find that retraction speed would become an issue with a geared unit. Here is the link to official shop, includes motor specs. The SL42STH40-1684A motor specs are: Step Angle: 1. 3D Print Wiki. extruder microstepping

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